What are the log formats supported in Skyfence Cloud Discovery?


The answer is that Skyfence Cloud Discovery can support any log format which is a csv or a delimited file.  Here are the some of log formats which appear in drop down list of log type when you launch Skyfence Cloud Discovery tool.

  • Firewalls/Web/Cloud Proxies/Routers (Native log formats exported with or without user customization)
    • Bluecoat
    • Bro
    • CEF
    • Checkpoint
    • Cisco ASA
    • Cisco ScanSafe Cloud Proxy
    • Fortigate
    • Greenplum
    • PaloAlto
    • Sonicwall
    • Squid
    • Suricata
    • Symantec Web Security Cloud
    • Websense
  • SIEM or Log Management
    • Splunk
    • McAfee Nitro
    • Syslog
  • Flow Formats (NetFlow or equivalent)
    • Cisco NetFlow

Skyfence Cloud Discovery Tool is a very adaptive to any log format and can support any csv or a delimited log file by means of adding a custom .format file.  If you need help to support your own proxy or firewall or other device log file, please read this KB article

How do I add a custom log format to the Skyfence Cloud Discovery Free tool?

or email us at for immediate help.

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