What is Skyfence Cloud Service Catalog and Cloud Application Directory?


Skyfence discovery tool consists of the tool itself, and a repository containing Skyfence's premium research knowledge on thousands of global cloud services, how to detect each service, what are the risks with their service to end users/enterprises, etc. This repository is called as Cloud Service catalog and it's updated through Cloud Service Catalog server with new details and updates as and when there are changes to the repository.  The changes are detected automatically by Cloud discovery tool and prompts users to update the catalog.  

Skyfence Cloud Service Catalog is also available in web form through Skyfence's Cloud App Directory at:  This URL is accessible from Skyfence management console for subscribed customers and also available directly at with approved authentication.  Current updated Skyfence Cloud Application Directory contains approximately 5000 (4949) Cloud Services in total today and the number will be updated during regular catalog updates.  These services are used to discover sanctioned and unsanctioned applications during Skyfence Cloud Discovery workflow for a customer.

One can view version of Cloud Service Catalog within installed desktop Skyfence Cloud Discovery tool on Windows or Mac: Help -> About Cloud Discovery


Current customers of Skyfence can access Skyfence Cloud Application Directory in Skyfence management console: App Discovery -> Investigate app in Cloud App Directory

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