What are feature sets of Skyfence Cloud Discovery product?

CLOUD APP DISCOVERY Leverage existing log files to automate discovery and categorization of all cloud apps used
CLOUD APP RISK SCORING Categorize overall high, med or low risk for each Cloud Application based on technology, regulatory & industry certifications and best practices
CLOUD APP USAGE SUMMARY Report usage metrics including number of users, activities, traffic volume and typical usage hours for each Cloud Application
ADVANCED RISK METRICS Detailed Cloud App risk posture metrics with customizable weighting of parameters to meet IT operations needs
CUSTOMIZABLE RISK METRICS Adjust the weighting parameters for each app risk metric according to your organization needs
CONTINUOUS DISCOVERY Schedule automated scanning of log files and generation of discovery reports on a periodic basis
CENTRALIZED DISCOVERY DASHBOARD Manage and analyze aggregated discovery results and perform advanced data sorting and filtering
SIEM INTEGRATION Generate discovery data in Common Event Format for easy integration with existing analytics and SIEM environments
APP CATALOG & RISK UPDATES Automatic updates to Cloud App Catalog and changes in risk properties as they are available
CUSTOMER SUPPORT Includes technical support via phone & email, and optional deployment/consulting services

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