How do I get a license for the Skyfence Cloud Discovery Free Edition?


Skyfence Cloud Discovery Free Edition licenses are provided by Skyfence license servers automatically.  Here is the flow of license provision.

  • User visits
  • User registers with all required details and submits the registration
  • User downloads Skyfence Cloud Discovery Free Edition
  • License is generated by Skyfence License Servers for the request
  • License is  sent to the email address provided during registration.  
  • Users also are provided with Skyfence Technical Assistance Center login credentials to explore useful public knowledge base (this site) on Cloud Discovery and can submit questions or problems with the product.  

License generation and provision is an automated process.  If you do experience issues please contact or

Registered users can also login to Skyfence Technical Assistance Center to submit questions and access other resources such as community discussion forums.


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