Unknown error running Java Application



On Windows 32 systems, Cloud Discovery Tool versions prior to 3.5 might result in an error: "Unknown error running Java Application".  This error is due to java/JRE which is part of Cloud Discovery Tool is a 64 bit application and will not run on 32 bit Windows.  There will be no errors/messages logged for analysis as the tool itself is not intialized due to java error.


  • Close all instances of Cloud Discovery Tool
  • Terminate/kill java.exe from Task Manager (Please make sure only java.exe from Cloud Discovery Tool is killed as there could be many other java installed on the system)
  • Rename C:\Program Files (x86)\CloudDiscovery-1.0\Java to C:\Program Files (x86)\CloudDiscovery-1.0\Java_old
  • Download newer version of Cloud Discovery Tool and install.  Refer KB article for further help in downloading newer version of Cloud Discovery Tool: How and from where to download Cloud Discovery Free Edition?
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