What are Risk Factors/scores and how to customize them?


Skyfence Cloud Risk Scores which are part of Skyfence Cloud Discovery Enterprise version give the ability to categorize and prioritize each cloud app as high, medium, or low risk. Application risk scoring and weighting are based on several categories (Compliance, Security Settings, General Info, Data Leakage, Data Ownership, Account Termination Policy, and Auditing), the consolidated results of which can help prioritize risk mitigation “to do” list.

"Adjust Risk Weights" option within Skyfence Cloud Discovery Enterprise version can be used to adjust the risks based on a customer's environment.  By default, risk weight are set as equal across all of categories with a weight of 3 and that will result in default risk score by Skyfence.  In other words, Risk Weights can be configured to reflect the priorities of your organization. Choose a weight from 0 to 5 that indicates the importance of this factor to the overall score. (5 = High importance , 0 = Not important)

For eg. if HIPAA compliance is vital for an enterprise and they want to prioritize tracking of all cloud applications which is less likely to have HIPAA compliance, then adjust risk weight of HIPAA to 5 from default 3.  Skyfence Cloud Discovery results automatically re-calculates risk scores for all discovered applications and results in new classification of High, Medium and Low scores. 

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