How to run a scan in the Skyfence Cloud Discovery Tool?


1. Launch Cloud Discovery Tool. Click on Start -> All Programs -> Cloud Discovery -> Launch Cloud Discovery

2. There are three steps to run a scan:

         a. Add a log file or folder

         b. Configure or select log type

         c. Run discovery scan

3. Click on "+Add Log" or "+Add Folder" button on the tool

4. Click "Browse"  and Choose relevant log file of folder of log files

5. Choose "Log Type" from available drop down options to match the log files chosen in previous step.  

6. From above step, all supported log files out of the box are listed and Cloud Discovery tool can easily be configured to support for many custom or other vendor device log formats.  Refer KB article titled How to customize and adjust Cloud Discovery tool to handle new log formats? to use a custom log format and run discovery scans.

7. Click "Save"

8. Repeat steps 3 to 6 to add more log files of another type or another folder containing log files.

9. Once the file is saved, Cloud Discovery Tool will attempt parsing of the log file.

10. Click on "Data Preview" to check/see parsed data sample.

11. Results are by default stored at C:\Users\<username>\Documents\CloudDiscovery\results.  Click "Change Folder" link at the bottom of the screen to choose folder of your choice.

12. Click "Run Discovery" to run a scan


13. You will be prompted to save the scan settings as .scan files. Choose yes to save it a folder of your choice.  Default folder to store .scan files is:



14. Cloud Discovery Scan will run now with progress bar indicating discovery scan progress

15. After scan discovery is completed, users are presented with three results options:

         a. View Scan Report - Opens pdf report of current completed scan.

         b. Open Output Folder - Opens results folder in a new windows explorer window - Sample results folder:

C:\Users\<username>\Documents\CloudDiscovery\results\2014-07-22 1234

         c. Learn more about Skyfence products

16. Users are also presented with a summary of color coded Low, Medium and High Risk Assets and Users from the scan.

17. Click on "View Scan Report" to open pdf report containing results of the scan.

18. If configured correctly, result set from the scan will be uploaded to Cloud Protection Management server.  Please note that this option is available only in Cloud Discovery Enterprise Edition.

19. To configure management server settings, go to File -> Settings and enter Management server hostname or IP address and management port.


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